Winston-E Sit-Stand Workstation Single Monitor Mount with Compact Work Surface

  • Gray Duotone

Transform your desk into a healthy sit-stand work space with Winston-E. Offers a single monitor mount and 18" of effortless height adjustment.

  • Height Adjustable
  • Desk
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Winston-E™ – Empower Higher Thinking

Winston-E is now available with a compact work surface, ideal for users with smaller desk spaces who want to take advantage of a healthy sit-stand workstation.

Winston-E is a responsive powered riser that takes the sit-stand conversation to a whole new level. The next-generation retrofit work surface is engineered for ease and freedom of movement. Fully loaded, we’ve thought of every detail for Winston-E so you’re free to think about what’s important to you.

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Winston-E™ awarded Grand Prize (1st Place) in Buildings Magazine's 2016 Product Innovations Awards.


  • Smaller work surface. A compact work surface easily fits on smaller desks while still having space for a keyboard, mouse and storage tray.

  • One-touch power: set it and forget it. Electric power to supercharge height adjustment with the touch of a button. Programmable control remembers your height for sit and stand.

  • Ergonomic monitor adjustment. Independent movement of the monitor lets users keep their monitor at a comfortable, ergonomic level.

  • Quickly retrofit to any desk or table. Installers can get Winston-E from box to up and running in less than 20 minutes. No need to move or replace furniture.

  • Upping the ante with bold style. Robust electronics encased in a sleek design with modern edges and clean lines.

  • Winston-E is available in a single, dual, or triple monitor configuration.

  • Accessories

    • 5501 Laptop Holder

      5501 Laptop Holder

  • Available Options

    • WNSTE-1-CW

      Supports up to 40 lbs