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7500 – Deluxe Radial Monitor Arm

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The award-winning 7500 Deluxe Radial Monitor Arm is a remarkable work tool. Users are able to effortlessly position their monitor exactly where it’s needed, adding flexibility to any work style. Suspend a flat panel monitor above the desk surface and reclaim valuable space.

The 7500 desk monitor mount features Innovative’s patented HD tilter, a spring-assisted pivot for the monitor which makes adjustments remarkably easy, even with larger screens. Other features of the monitor mount include cable management to route cables inside the arm.

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7500 – Deluxe Radial Monitor Arm
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·   Monitor arm includes our spring-assisted HD tilter for smoother monitor pivoting

·   Monitor is rendered weightless by the arm

·   Monitor arm features 18” of vertical range and 27” of horizontal range

·   Monitor mount includes FLEXmount with six mounting options

·   Monitor arm folds up to occupy just 3” of space

·   Monitor tilter mechanism can tilt over 200 degrees

·   Select from numerous mounting options

·   Cable management keeps cables tucked beneath the monitor arm

·   VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included; please call for non-VESA options

·   Optional upgrade to quick install/release monitor bracket; consult your sales rep for details

·   Optional 6" extender tube available to raise monitor (see Extender Tubes under Available Accessories)

  Model Number Weight Range
·   7500-500 Arm mount supports a 2 - 13 lb monitor
·   7500-800 Arm mount supports a 6 - 21 lb monitor
·   7500-1000 Arm mount supports an 8 - 27 lb monitor
·   7500-1500 Arm mount supports a 13.5 - 44 lb monitor


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