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Bild Adjustable Multi-Monitor Mount
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Bild Multi-Monitor Mount?
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7Flex® - Desktop Monitor Arm
This best-value monitor arm floats monitor above desk. Easy to use. Mount the arm to the desk or wall.
SKU: 7Flex
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7500 – Deluxe Monitor Arm
Heavy duty monitor arm ideal for large 20"+ monitors. Offers flexibility and height adjustment.
SKU: 7500
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EVO® - Articulating Monitor Arm
Meet the latest edition of the award-winning EVO® LCD Arm. Innovative has redesigned and reengineered EVO®, making it sleeker, easier to use, and an even better value.
SKU: 5700
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9110 – Monitor/TV Wall Mount
Wall mount for computer monitor or flat panel TV. Allows for flexible pivot and tilt.
SKU: 9110
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7500-Wing - Deluxe Dual Monitor Arm
Dual monitor arm mount suspends two monitors above desk. Adjust monitors with one hand. Frees space and manages cables.
SKU: 7500-Wing
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9112-S-FM – Articulating Monitor Arm
Articulating pole mount suspends monitor above desk, extends 14". Pivot and tilt monitor.
SKU: 9112-S-FM
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7000 - Articulating Monitor Arm
Our best-selling monitor arm suspends your flat panel above your desk. Quickly reposition the monitor with just one hand.
SKU: 7000
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9130-S-FM – Long-Reach Monitor Mount
Articulating pole mount suspends monitor above desk, extends 16". Pivot and tilt monitor.
SKU: 9130-S-FM
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7601-14 - Long Reach Monitor Arm
Massive long reach monitor arm extends 3 1/2 feet. Suspends monitor weightlessly. Internal cable management.
SKU: 7601-14
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9110-8.5-4 - Monitor/TV Wall Mount with 8.5- and 4-Inch Extension Arms
Mount LCD monitor or TV to wall. Provides pivot, tilt and rotation. 12.5" of extension, can fold back against wall.
SKU: 9110-8.5-4
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