8438 – Secure POS iPad Enclosure

    The 8438 Apple iPad POS enclosure includes lock and key to securely hold the unit to the mount. Includes option to block home button access.

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    The 8438 is a secure iPad enclosure that is compatible with all Innovative VESA mounts. This secure iPad holder keeps the iPad accessible yet safe – the home button can be blocked if desire and the enclosure includes a security lock and key. This POS iPad enclosure can be combined with any Innovative mounting product for a secure self-service POS application.


    • Enclosure allows for quick installation of the iPad

    • Enclosure provides optional access to the home button

    • iPad enclosure allows access to audio jack

    • iPad holder includes security lock and key

    • Includes integrated cable management that keeps cables safe and out of view

    • Accessories

      There are no accessories available for this monitor mount.

    • Available Options

      • 8438

        iPad enclosure supports iPad generations 1, 2, 3, 4