9194 – Expanding Large Display Wall Mount

  • Silver

The 9194 expanding large display wall mount accommodates flat panel displays up to 198 pounds. Universal wall mount display is ideal for conference rooms, stores, and restaurants.

  • Pivot Only
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Model 9194 wall mount accommodates flat panel displays up to 198 lbs. This expandable monitor wall mount tucks discretely out of view behind the display.

The flat panel wall mount allows the monitor to be tilted downwards up to -15 degrees for an improved viewing angle. An integrated level is included for fast and easy setup. The wall mount display may optionally be secured with a small padlock (not included).

This universal wall mount display is ideal for homes, conference rooms, stores, public areas, restaurants, and more – anywhere you need to mount a large-screen LCD or plasma monitor.


  • Expandable wall mount display

  • Mount allows for adjustable screen tilt by -15 degrees

  • Features a low profile – mount concealed behind display

  • Wall mount includes integrated level to ensure correct setup

  • Mount includes security option - accomodates padlock to secure display

  • Wall mount includes cable management system

  • Mounts to drywall (studs) or concrete surfaces

  • Accessories

    There are no accessories available for this monitor mount.

  • Available Options

    • 9194

      Mount supports monitors up to 198 lbs.