9120-D-FM - Quad Flat Panel Monitor Stand

  • Silver
  • Vista Black

Save space and boost productivity with the 9120-D-FM quad monitor setup. Mount four flat panel monitors side by side and position each monitor independently, allowing for easy adjustment and placement.

  • Fixed Height
  • Three +

Mount four flat panels in minimal space with this feature-packed quad monitor stand. Move each monitor independent of the others, in order to get ideal placement for your work surface. The quad flat panel stand is height adjustable along the included 28" pole mount.


  • Quad flat panel monitor stand includes FLEXmount™ with six mounting options

  • Standard 28" pole included with quad monitor mount; call for custom size options

  • Monitors easily positioned for maximum comfort and productivity.

  • Adjust each monitor independently

  • Quad flat panel mount features a space-saving design that allows approximately 3" of space behind the monitor

  • Friction control system provides smooth adjustment while adjusting the position of the arm.

  • VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included. Please call for non-VESA options

  • Quad monitor mount can be combined with all Innovative mount options (sold separately).

  • Optional upgrade to quick install/release monitor bracket. Consult your sales rep for details.

  • Accessories

    • Large CPU Holder - 8335-LG

      Large CPU Holder - 8335-LG

    • Medium CPU Holder - 8335-MD

      Medium CPU Holder - 8335-MD

    • Small CPU Holder - 8335-SM

      Small CPU Holder - 8335-SM

    • 8171-6 (6

      8171-6 (6" extender tube)

    • 8085


    • 200mm x 200mm VESA Adapter

      200mm x 200mm VESA Adapter

    • 100mm x 200mm VESA Adapter

      100mm x 200mm VESA Adapter

  • Available Options

    • 9120-D-28-FM

      Mounts up to 40 lbs. per monitor