8326 – Vertical Computer Mounting System

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  • Vista Black

The 8326 vertical monitor mounting track system saves space by elevating the entire computer system and can be configured to fit individual application needs.

  • Height Adjustable
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The 8326 vertical mounting track provides a space-efficient method of elevating your entire computer system. This highly configurable solution can be customized to meet your needs by incorporating flexible monitor arms, keyboard arms, and a CPU holder. All cables are routed through track, and hidden behind a cable channel.

Users can add any of Innovative’s monitor arms (specify the arm in addition to the 8326 vertical track mount). To add a keyboard arm, specify our model 7019-NM (7000 series articulating monitor arm with 8339 large keyboard tray), as well as the 8328 vertical track mount. To support a CPU, specify our 8335 CPU holder.

Consult with Innovative at 800-524-2744 for a customized configuration of this product to meet your requirements.


  • Mounting system is available in standard lengths of 19”; call for custom lengths

  • Configure with your choice of LCD arm, keyboard arm or CPU holder

  • Mount contributes to a clean and neat work area

  • Mounting system prevents accidents and trip hazards which may damage equipment or harm staff

  • Integrated cable management keeps cables organized and out of view

  • Accessories

    • Large CPU Holder - 8335-LG

      Large CPU Holder - 8335-LG

    • Medium CPU Holder - 8335-MD

      Medium CPU Holder - 8335-MD

    • Small CPU Holder - 8335-SM

      Small CPU Holder - 8335-SM

    • 8328 Track Mount

      8328 Track Mount

    • 7019-NM - 7000 Series Arm with large keyboard tray

      7019-NM - 7000 Series Arm with large keyboard tray

  • Available Options

    • 8326

      One size fits all monitors and computer systems