7050 – Height-Adjustable Laptop & Monitor Mount

  • Linen White
  • Pearl White
  • Silver
  • Vista Black

Ideal for open concept office designs and benching systems, the 7050 height adjustable laptop and monitor arm allows mobile workers to combine their notebook or tablet with a full-size monitor for enhanced productivity.

  • Height Adjustable
  • Two

The 7050 height-adjustable laptop & monitor arm allows mobile workers to combine their notebook, iPad or tablet with a full-size monitor for the enhanced productivity that comes with dual monitors. Use this dual monitor mount with a wireless mouse and keyboard to create and ergonomic docking station for your computer. This dual monitor mount is an ideal solution for workers on the move. Improve productivity while working at your primary desk, and then simply grab the laptop and go when it’s time to leave.


  • Position laptop and monitor independently of each other.

  • Adjustable laptop bracket accommodates laptops of most sizes.

  • Mount securely grips laptop with quick attach and release.

  • Adjustable clasps allow free access to jacks and ports.

  • Mounting arm floats monitor and laptop above the desk – simply grab and move to desired position.

  • When used with tablet PCs, enables one-handed use of the tablet.

  • Integrated cable management keeps cords off the desk.

  • Accessories

    There are no accessories available for this monitor mount.

  • Available Options

    • 7050-500-500hy

      Arm mount supports a 2 - 13 lb monitor and 1 - 14 lb laptop
    • 7050-800-500hy

      Arm mount supports a 7.5 - 25 lb monitor and 1 - 14 lb laptop
    • 7050-1000-500hy

      Arm mount supports a 12 - 31 lb monitor and 1 - 14 lb laptop