7000-8408 – Dual Monitor Arm

  • Linen White
  • Pearl White
  • Silver
  • Vista Black

Save space and boost productivity with this convenient two monitor setup. The 7000-8408 mounts dual 7000 monitor arms at one point on the desk. Ideal for multi-monitor applications.

  • Height Adjustable
  • Two

Easily mount two monitors from one point on your desk. The 7000-8408 dual monitor arm allows effortless repositioning of both monitors with just one hand. This computer monitor arm has a space-saving design and enables you to work in greater ergonomic comfort.

The dual monitor desk mount can be clamped to the desk edge or bolted through the desk.


  • Extremely flexible positioning of dual monitors

  • Independently move and adjust each monitor arm

  • 24” horizontal range per monitor arm

  • 16” vertical range per monitor arm (8” up and down from horizontal)

  • Monitor tilter mechanisms can tilt over 200 degrees

  • VESA monitor mount compatible (75mm and 100mm VESA monitor adapter included)

  • Accessories

    There are no accessories available for this monitor mount.

  • Available Options

    • 7000-500-8408

      Dual monitor arm supports 2 -13 lbs per monitor
    • 7000-800-8408

      Dual monitor arm supports 7.5 - 25 lbs per monitor