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  1. Can Innovative ship products via UPS C.O.D.? (viewed 13713 times)
  2. Where can I buy your products in Germany? (viewed 12433 times)
  3. Is this a secure website? (viewed 12319 times)
  4. No invoice received after web order... (viewed 5537 times)
  5. How can I get pricing for Innovative's products? (viewed 5487 times)
  6. How quickly can I expect to receive my order? (viewed 5284 times)
  7. How can I find an Innovative dealer near me? (viewed 5277 times)
  8. Do you ship to Taiwan? (viewed 5169 times)
  9. Will I receive an email confirmation of my order? (viewed 5119 times)
  10. Do you have a demo program? (viewed 5070 times)
  11. Are your products in stock? (viewed 5000 times)
  12. Can I buy things off your web site? I don't see any buy option on the page of the product I want. (viewed 4951 times)
  13. Do you accept Purchase Orders? And can you issue a formal quotation for us? (viewed 4715 times)
  14. Do you ship to Europe? (viewed 4679 times)
  15. I'd like a quote for the 3500-600 monitor arms. Do you have a GSA rate? (viewed 4590 times)
  16. Where in Europe, specifically Greece, could I purchase your products? (viewed 3928 times)
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