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Question Title What is VESA? Why should I care whether my monitor is VESA-compatible?
VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which is an industry organization which promotes standards in display technologies. VESA FPMI (Flat Panel Mounting Interface) is a standard which enables consistent attachment of displays to mounting mechanisms such as Innovative`s arms. This standard calls for consistent placement of mounting holes on the back of monitors (monitors of sizes 30" and under will typically have a square hole patter of either 75mm or 100mm on the backside of the monitor). It is much easier to find mounting solutions for a VESA-compatible monitor. Innovative`s VESA-compatible products include mounting plates which work with VESA monitors. Luckily, most modern LCD monitors follow the VESA standard, making it a simple task to mount your monitor.
To find if your monitor is VESA-compatible, you can check it against our monitor database by clicking here. If you don't find your model, you can also check the monitor manufacturer's website.
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