Steps to a cozier cubicle.

Your cubicle isn’t just where you work; it’s your home while you are at work. It’s where you spend 8+ hours a day tacking your to-do list, taking phone calls, answering e-mails and sipping on your coffee.

Unfortunately an office cubicle may not always feel like the coziest space. Bringing a personal touch into your space can also bring high levels of motivation and productivity.

Here are our top simple and easy tips for making your office cubicle feel a little cozier.

Raise your computer up to eye level. It’s ergonomically easier on the neck and as a result you will feel more comfortable in your cubicle all day.  Innovative has many solutions to create this comfortable position. From articulating arms to pole mounts to sit-stand desks, Innovative has the ergonomic solution for you!

Add a plant. Whether it’s artificial or simply a plant variety that doesn’t require a lot of direct sunlight, plants add a little something extra to your cubicle. If you are in a cubicle that gets sunlight, consider a plant that required a little more maintenance. Having a live plant can also provide cleaner and fresher air.

Keeping plants in an office environment requires some forethought due to certain environmental conditions such as air conditioning, times when the office is empty etc.

Some plants which will thrive in an office environment include:

  • Aloe
  • Spider plants
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Ivy
  • Rubber plant
  • Peace lily

Add a desk lamp. Lighting is important when it comes to working, being able to concentrate and not overly straining your eyes. A desk lamp is a must-have and can set the tone for the style of the rest of your workspace, so you’ll want to be sure to include one that is fitting to you.

Get creative using accessories. While you still want your cubical to look professional, adding some creative uses for accessories can help to make a space feel more comfortable. You can simply use a vase for a pencil holder or a jewelry dish as a place for gathering those small office supplies that usually get lost on the floor.

Add some cozy knick knacks. Whether it’s a picture frame, a throw pillow on your chair or bookends, adding personal touches goes a long way towards making your cubicle feel more comfortable and more inviting for any visitors you may have.

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What’s up with the standing desk trend?

I’m sure you have heard that sitting in the new smoking and having a standing desk is the way to combat that. But have you actually taken the plunge and tried a standing desk or are you still trying to decide if standing up while working is beneficial for you?

There are a lot of options on the market today to choose from but the award-winning, made in the USA, Winston-E™ allows you to have the option of quickly transitioning from sitting to standing in just seconds.

Winston-E - office - no model - 01

 Features of the Winston-E™:

  • Engineered with One-Touch Electric Power
  • Programmable Positioning
  • Keen Eye for Monitor Placement
    • You can save your ideal standing height so the Winston-E rises to your perfect ergonomic height with the touch of a button
  • Flexible Individual Monitor Adjustment
    • Tilt (200°)/Pivot (180°)/Rotation(360°)
  • Focal Depth Adjustment
  • Supports 1 to 3 monitors
  • Retrofits to your existing desk
    • Get the Winston-E™ from the box to up and running in less than 20 minutes, NO need to move or replace furniture
  • Generous work surface
    • Size: 30” x 22”
  • Locking Work Surface
    • No wobble
  • Monitor Mounting Included
  • Monitor Height Adjustment
    • Monitor Height Adjust Range: 12.6”
    • Max Monitor Height in the highest standing position: 37.6”
  • Cable Management
    • Achieve a clutter free desk by routing your cables behind the Winston-E™
  • Accessory tray lets you bring all the necessities with you when standing
  • Available Laptop Mounting Kit
  • Available Compact Work Surface perfect for smaller desks
    • Size: 30” x 16”
  • Made in USA
    • TAA Compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty

Fully loaded, we’ve thought of every detail for Winston-E™ so you’re free to think about what’s important to you.


Now that you have learned a little about the features of Winston-E™ click here to see the benefits of standing while working.

For more information on Winston-E, click here. To find out how you can get Winston-E on your desk, call 800-524-2744 to speak with a product expert.


Innovative Chosen as a Grand Award Winner by BUILDINGS Magazine


Innovative is proud to announce that BUILDINGS has selected Winston-E as the 2016 Product Innovations 1st Place Grand Award Winner.

Winston-E is a member of an elite group of products that will be showcased in the August 2016 issue of BUILDINGS Magazine and

Winston-E - office - no model - 01

 online at

Winners were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for innovation and sustainability features that they offer to building owners and facility managers.

Winston-E, the latest ergonomic advancement from Innovative, showcases thoughtful design and robust engineering. The effortless one touch height adjustment makes it even easier to incorporate standing into the workday; the new programmable position feature allows users to set their ideal standing height so the workstation will rise to the perfect position every time.

Winston-E movement

Because Innovative has always been committed to producing ergonomic monitor mount solutions, Winston-E offers enhanced adjustments so everyone can work in comfort. In addition to the 18” of height adjustment, the monitors feature focal depth adjustment and independent movement to keep the monitors at a comfortable, ergonomic level. The flexible adjustment of the monitors allows for easy screen sharing when needed.

To purchase Winston-E, the 2016 Product Innovations 1st Place Grand Award winner, please contact a representative at 800-524-2744.


BUILDINGS Media serves more than 74,000 commercial building owners and facility managers in North America. Its magazine, newsletters and website provide information that helps subscribers and users make smarter decisions about managing, operating and renovating their facilities.

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Innovative’s newly re-designed EVO monitor arm won a 2016 Best of NeoCon silver award in the Technology Support category of the competition hosted by Contract Magazine.


“After putting so much thought, time, and effort into the project it’s really very gratifying to have won a Best of NeoCon award for EVO.  I don’t think that it was a case of one stand-out feature making all the difference to the jury, but rather the sum of all of the changes and improvements we made to EVO that really appealed to them.” Peter Carrasquillo, Industrial Designer

The newly re-designed EVO monitor arm provides ergonomics and space saving in a sleek, articulating arm. EVO offers unique Better Balance® Technology to provide a true constant force across the arm’s entire range of motion and floats the monitor weightlessly above the work surface where it can be effortlessly repositioned with one-touch adjustment. The increased tension adjustment at each joint ensures a smooth movement of the arm while allowing the monitor to rotate for portrait or landscape viewing. The EVO includes a sleek cable management system that routes cables beneath the monitor arm for a clutter free work environment and space saving solution.


A quick and easy mount installation performed above desk makes for a quick out of box set-up, a feature Carrasquillo and Mickey Lam, Product Engineer are particularly proud of.  “I can tell you that we are proud of the ease of installation achieved with the new “top-down” clamp mount, and the ease and accuracy of the new counterbalancing mechanism.  It has never been quicker or easier to install and adjust a dynamic monitor arm” says Carrasquillo.

EVO, available in single or dual, combines intuitive ease of use with gorgeous design that will complement any workspace. You can go a step further and match the aesthetics of your work space with white, silver or black finishes.


For more information on Best of NeoCon winner EVO, coming August 2016, please visit

About Best of NeoCon

The Best of NeoCon competition honors new products that are exhibited in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago during NeoCon in June.

Jury is made up of architects and designers, as well as corporate, government, and institutional facilities management executives who are responsible for selecting and buying furniture and furnishings for their specific organizations or clients. Entries are judged in person at the Merchandise Mart prior to the opening day of NeoCon.

The Best of NeoCon® is sponsored by Contract magazine, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., The International Interior Design Association (IIDA), The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and The McMorrow Reports for Facilities Management.*

*Information obtained from “Best of NeoCon.” Commercial Interior Design

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Back from Chicago: NeoCon 2016


The Innovative team got to spend a couple days in The Windy City attending NeoCon 2016. Located at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, NeoCon is largest commercial office furniture show in the country. Every year we showcase our new and exciting products as well as some old favorites.

If you didn’t get the chance to stop by our booth or didn’t get to attend the show check out what we displayed.


We Empowered Higher Thinking with the Winston-E




The center piece of our Booth was the Winston-E: our responsive powered riser that takes the sit-stand conversation to a whole new level. We showcased three models; single, dual and triple.

With the touch of a button, the Winston-E rises between sitting and standing while maintaining a stable work surface. A programmable control allows the Winston-E to rise to your favorite height each time. A patented focal depth adjustment and independent movement of the 1, 2 or 3 monitors allows the user to always be in a comfortable ergonomic position.

We mastered aesthetics, functionality and easy install with the EVO.

Winner of Contract Magazines Best of NeoCon silver award for Technology Support, EVO stole the show.


Refined for superior performance, EVO provides ergonomics and space saving in a sleek monitor arm. Powered by Better Balance Technology®, EVO supports the monitor with true constant force, ensuring smooth movement across the arm’s entire range of motion.  

IMG_0188It’s easier than ever to mount one or two flat panel monitors while complementing any workspace with EVO’s modern design.





We showed Winston-E’s predecessor: Winston


Winston was the center piece of NeoCon 2015. This year we showcased the Winston Dual with a compact work surface. The compact work surface (also available for the Winston-E) is perfect for those users with smaller desk who still want the health benefits of a sit-stand desk.





Our redesigned Laptop and Monitor Mounting Solution was a hit.

IMG_0192The 7050 height adjustable laptop and monitor arm is perfect for active on the go workplace environments. It allows mobile workers to combine their notebook with a full-size monitor for the enhanced productivity that comes with using two monitors while making the most of an open-concept benching system.

The laptop and monitor can be positioned independently of each other allowing you to work ergonomically utilizing both a laptop and monitor. Your monitor is lifted off the work surface providing more desk space while the cable management system removes unwanted cord clutter.

Did you check out our new triple monitor mount?


A pole based triple monitor mounting system. Stay tuned for more information!  

Let us know what your favorite part of our booth was!

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NeoCon 2016 featured bright pops of colors and on display artists. This bloggers favorite artist display of the year was located at Koleksiyon.IMG_0250 

Travel Hacks for NeoCon 2016

NeoCon 2016 is approaching fast and many Innovative employees are making the trip out to Chicago for the show.

Although traveling isn’t always as glamorous as it’s made out to be with the cramped airplane seats, the 6 hour car rides that stand in-between you and your destination, dead cell phone batteries, sore wrists from trying to get some work down on the airplane pull down tray, overpriced rest stop and cart snacks that don’t fit into your healthily snack philosophy are all things that can get you off track during your travel. There are many hacks that can help you get through those little travel annoyances. 

Check out some of our favorite traveling hacks to help you get through your journey.


  • Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to reduce static.
  • Use belts to line collars to keep them crisp.
  • Roll your clothes when packing. Instead of creating a folded pile in your suitcase, rolling allows you to fit more items in.
  • Pack clothing items around a color scheme (denim/black/white/gray) so that it’s easy to mix and match.
    •  Dress up your outfits with scarves or jewelry.
  • Use shoes for more space
    • Place your rolled up socks inside your shoes. This preserves your shoe’s shape while maximizing space.
  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your bag to keep it balanced.


  • If you forget your wall plug, you can charge devices through the USB slot on a TV.
  • Buy a portable phone charger (or charging case) for when you’re not near a wall plug or the airport charging stations are full.
  • Store your power cords in an old glasses or sunglasses case.
  • Forgot your charger? Hotels usually have a stash of forgotten chargers left behind by hotel guests that you can borrow until the end of your stay.


  • Always bring an empty water bottle so you can fill it up once you pass through security.
  • Pack snacks: you are allowed to bring wrapped food through TSA.
  • Booze, caffeine and heavily processed foods dehydrate you-making jetlag worse.
  • Granola Bars are the perfect travel snack, they are small and are a great tie-over until your next meal.

General Travel:

  • Use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future access.
  • You can often skip the line at arrivals and grab a cab in the departure zone.
  • Tape around the seal of your travel containers to avoid spillage.
  • Book the aisle and window: If you’re traveling with someone and your flight has rows of three seats, book the aisle and window seat and leave the middle seat empty. It’s likely to remain empty if the flight is not full, because people usually choose the window and aisle seat. And if someone does pick that seat, they’ll be willing to switch with one of you.

Innovative has many employees who often travel for work, especially those in sales. Check out Chris and Steve’s favorite hacks.

“TSA pre-check. Can’t beat parking and getting to your gate in under 20 minutes” Steven Zaharek, Eastern Regional Manager

Chris Grim, OEM Sales Manager shares a couple of his favorite business related travel hacks:

  1. Always keep a USB charger in your go to travel bag. Keeping your phone charged is the biggest source of anxiety when traveling. Your phone is your lifeline to your customers and that keeps you productive on the road. Instead of relying on remembering my cable, I have an extra that never leaves my bag, that way I know it’s always there and I don’t have to sweat if I forget a charger at home or in the office.
  2. Always keep your bag stocked with business cards and at least 3-4 extra brochures in case you drum up conversations as you meet people you weren’t expecting during your travels. Could be the person you sat next to at the airport bar when your flight gets delayed or the person you sit next to at the gate or on the flight.
  3. There is a lot of walking in Chicago (where NeoCon is) as parking near The Mart is impossible and the show is large. Comfortable shoes are a must. Take a second pair with you to change into for the long walk back to the hotel.
  4. Take a change of clothes with you for breakdown/clean-up day. It’s much more comfortable to pack up your gear when wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
  5. Make dinner reservations weeks in advance, the restaurants in the downtown fill up incredibly fast.

Lastly, have fun! Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, visiting a new city or revisiting one you have already been to, you can discover new things along the way!

Traveling to NeoCon 2016 like we are? Make sure to visit us on Floor 7, Booth 2130.

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NeoCon 2016 Preview


Innovative is excited to be attending NeoCon 2016 at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. NeoCon is North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. With over three days of non-stop resources, energy and ideas, NeoCon is the one of the premier commercial office shows of the year and your one-stop destination.

What is NeoCon?

NeoCon, The National Exposition of Contract Furnishings, debuted in 1969 and today is considered the largest trade show of its kind in North America. NeoCon is the premier event in the furniture and interior design industries, and it provides access to the latest and most innovative products, as well as unbeatable networking and educational opportunities.

Those who attend will receive a first look into next season’s innovative new products and latest and greatest resources. NeoCon also offers educational programming with over 100 accredited seminars, workshops and keynote speakers.

NeoCon takes place at The Merchandise Mart, a commercial building located on Chicago’s north side. When the Merchandise Mart opened in 1930, it was the largest building in the world with 4,000,000-square-feet of floor space. Today it is a staple of the Chicago skyline.

Innovative is attending!

Innovative is excited to be exhibiting several of our products in this year’s show. Although the show doesn’t start until June 13th, get an early sneak preview with what we’ll be displaying this year!

Sit-Stand Work Stations:

Winston-E: The Winston-E was designed with ease of use, style and functionality in mind. With robust electronics encased in a sleek design with modern edges and clean lines, the Winston-E is the sophisticated sit-stand solution to compliment the modern office.  The next-generation Winston-E sit-stand is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a healthier work life-style for themselves or their employees. With the touch of a button, convert from sitting to standing all while maintaining a stable work surface. The Winston-E features a programmable positioning to maintain your ideal standing height and an incremental focal depth adjustment and tilt.


Winston: Winston Workstation is a healthy sit/stand workstation that offers desk employees the opportunity to incorporate standing into their day. Winston Workstation is available in three mounting options – freestanding, desk clamp, and through mount – which can retrofit to any desk. Depending on productivity needs, users can mount one, two, three or four monitors to the beam. Winston features a locking cylinder for stability while working, 17” of height adjustment with the push of a button, and a convenient storage tray for all necessities.



Articulating Monitor Arms:

7000-8408: The 7000-8408 dual monitor arm mount positions your flat panel monitors above your desk for one-touch positioning. This articulating monitor mount enables you to reclaim your desk top while you work in greater ergonomic comfort.



7050: The 7050 height-adjustable laptop and monitor arm allows mobile workers to combine their notebook, iPad or tablet with a full-size monitor for the enhanced productivity that comes with dual monitors. This set-up pairs perfectly with a wireless mouse and keyboard to create an ergonomic docking station. Improve productivity while working at your primary desk and then simply grab the laptop or tablet and get up and go.




Evo: The newly re-designed EVO monitor arm provides ergonomics and space saving in a sleek monitor arm. The EVO offers one-touch monitor adjustment and unique Better Balance® Technology to provide a true constant force across the arm’s entire range of motion and increased tension adjustment as each joint. It’s easier than ever to mount a flat panel monitor while complementing any work space with EVO’s modern design and sleek cable management system.


Be on the look-out for our brand new, never been seen triple monitor mount! This pole based monitor mount can hold three 24” monitors so make sure to stop by our booth to check it out.

NeoCon 2016 takes place on June 13 – 15. Register for the show today and make sure to visit us on Floor 7, Booth 2130.

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Winston-E: A New Way to Work Healthier

You’ve heard a lot about the Winston Workstation, Innovative’s popular sit-stand workstation. Now there is a new member of our sit-stand family: Winston-E.

Winston-E - office - no model - 01

Like its predecessor, Winston-E offers users a way to incorporate healthy standing into your workday, but Winston-E makes it easier than ever to alternate between sitting and standing.

With the touch of a button, convert from sitting to standing all while maintaining a stable work surface. The Winston-E features a programmable positioning to maintain your ideal standing height. This new programmable positioning features means users can save their favorite standing position, ensuring the unit will rise to their perfect ergonomic height every time.

Winston-E button

Ergonomic comfort is also center stage. Winston-E  features cutting-edge focal depth adjustment and independent movement of the 1, 2 or 3 monitors letting the user keep their monitors ergonomically adjusted for personal viewing or screen sharing with a 200° tilt, 180° pivot and 360° rotation.

The Winston-E was designed with ease of use, style and functionality in mind. With robust electronics encased in a sleek design with modern edges and clean lines, the Winston-E is the sophisticated sit-stand solution to compliment any modern office.  The newly designed accessory tray is a catch-all within reach yet out of the way and a cable management system keeps the work space free of clutter.

Winston-E - Dual - cable management

If you are looking for sit-stand workstation engineered for ease of use and freedom of movement, look no further, Winston-E is your perfect match.

For more information on Winston-E, click here. To find out how you can get Winston-E on your desk, call 800-524-2744 to speak with a product expert.

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Wellness and Mindfulness in the Workplace

Workplace wellness isn’t a trend that will be fading any time soon. Many companies are seeing the benefits of ensuring their employees live a healthy lifestyle in the office and are investing in healthy practices like sit-stand workstations or fresh options in the cafeteria.  These steps can result in benefits for both employees and the company alike when staff start to have less chronic health issues, take fewer sick days, and lower overall healthcare costs.

But is there something more that can be done to improve well-being in the office?

Encouraging mindfulness in the workplace has several health benefits, including reducing stress and depression, and lowering blood pressure. Studies have also shown that with a regular mindful meditation practices, many people notice a boost in creativity, enhanced emotional health, and an overall ability to perform better under pressure. All of these positives translate into a mentally stronger and generally healthier workforce.

Promoting mindfulness in the workplace might be easier than you think. One way is to provide “transition time” and allow your employees to take pause between one activity and the next can help them to better focus on the next task or meeting. If you have extra space in the office, you can also create a room dedicated to a moment of mindfulness and encourage your employees to take mindful breaks every two hours or so. These small steps can lead to significant changes for your employees and company overall.

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Function & Design in 2016


Throughout 2015 we saw a number of inspired office designs that helped to foster creativity among employees. But office design is much more than a fun space, it can also help everyone work better and boost results at all levels. With this in mind, we’re giving you a look at some of the trends 2016 will bring to offices across the country, many of which focus on design as well as how it functions.

Active working

As the focus on a healthy workplace continues to grow, more and more offices will incorporate wellness into the office design. Creating a design that encourages physical activity throughout the day is one way companies can encourage wellness in the office. This can include everything from an open concept design that doesn’t keep employees confined to cubicles or installing sit-stand workstations at each desk, so that everyone has an opportunity to interrupt the all-too-common sedentary day job.


Companies are beginning to notice that their workforce, particularly Millennials, is looking for a flexible environment. With this in mind, office designs are starting to reflect the shift from a standard 9-to-5 to a fluid workplace dynamic. Installing benching systems that support co-working and installing equipment that support mobile users are just two ways companies can use the office design to embrace flexible working.

Company culture

We have written about instilling a sense of culture before, but it’s becoming more and more popular to use the office design to facilitate a sense of identity and purpose among employees. Creating a space that focuses on successes and the corporation’s vision can work to keep employees confident and feel like a part of the achievements, motivating them to continue developing new ideas.

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