Flat Screen Arms Provide the Perfect Connection Between Technology and Office Design

Posted on April 18, 2004 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Flat screen monitors (LCDs) save space and look sleek in today’s modern office, but they’re only part of the modern office solution. The next step is to attach the monitor to a flexible arm that lifts it off the desk, liberating more desk space, providing ergonomic benefits and making information sharing easy.

LCD arms designed and manufactured by Innovative Office Products ( www.lcdarms.com) rotate up to 360 degrees at three swivel joints, attach to desks, walls and other surfaces and extend up to 27 inches from their mounting point. The user can quickly and easily reposition the monitor’s position and height with just one hand. The pivoting capability of the arm allows monitor data to be shared easily between multiple users.

“These arms enable you to design an office around the user’s needs, not that computer’s,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products, Inc. “You can quickly reposition a monitor’s position and height, allowing for the easy sharing of information, saving valuable space and providing significant ergonomic benefits.”

For PC monitors, Innovative offers the sleek Model 7500 arm, which supports monitors up to 42 pounds, tilts more than 200 degrees, offers nearly 16 inches of vertical movement, extends 27 inches and folds up into 3 inches of space. Cables are integrated inside the arm. Model 7000 offers many of the same features at a more affordable price. Dual monitor mount options are also available.

For Apple’s Cinema Display and Studio Display monitors, Innovative has created the CinemaLift and StudioLift arms, based on Model 7500 but with special design and installation features especially for Apple products.

LCD arms are also used more and more in computer labs of colleges and secondary schools, hospitals and physician and dental practices, and in financial services settings.

Key benefits of the arms are:
  • Space savings: Arms lift monitors off of desk and other surfaces, liberating the space for other uses, and be easily folded back to free up space when not in use.
  • Greater efficiency: Space savings allow companies to better utilize space, offering a significant reduction in costs and increase in productivity.
  • Ergonomics: User can reposition the monitor easily, making its use less stressful and more ergonomically sound.
  • Information sharing: Easily adjusting the monitor means that the user can share information easily with others, making it perfect for client or patient consultation.
  • Improved viewing angle: While staticflat screens have limited viewing angle, flexible arms make any viewing angle possible.
  • Improved user experience: Arms allow professionals easy viewing while performing other tasks. For example, health care professionals view data and images easily while performing a diagnostic test or surgical procedure.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.

Innovative Office Products, Inc. is an Easton, Pa. manufacturer that designs and builds an industry-leading product line of mounting solutions for computer monitors and keyboards. Founded in 1986, the company produces innovative products and custom-designed solutions that serve the needs of such prominent customers as the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, Lockheed Martin and NASA. Among many design awards received by the company is a silver medal by Business Week magazine’s Best Product Designs Of The Year for 2002.

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