Flat Screen Arms Offer Flexible Mounting Solutions for Radiologists

Posted on May 25, 2005 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. (www.lcdarms.com), a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors and keyboards, introduced a series of flat-screen adjustable mounting arms that offer flexibility and ergonomic benefits for radiologists.

The ArcView product line suspends two to eight flat-screen monitors. The adjustable arms can be attached to desks, walls and other surfaces, liberating workspace and enabling radiologists to move monitors easily with one hand so they can comfortably view images from different angles.

Some models offer side-by-side monitor mounting and the ability to tilt and pivot each monitor independently, offering more flexibility when viewing and comparing multiple images.

“The rapid growth of imaging technology for diagnosing and treating patients has created a tremendous demand for multiple monitors in clinical settings,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. “The ArcView series provides a flexible, ergonomically sound solution for radiology professionals.”

The ArcView arms include:

  • Model 9177, which can hold two or three monitors, with a vertical extension of 18 inches and a horizontal range of 27 inches. Each model has six different mounting options and includes a cable management system inside the arm to reduce desktop clutter. The different models can hold two monitors weighing up to 19 pounds per monitor, or three monitors weighing up to 12 pounds per monitor.
  • Model 9169 series allows monitors to be mounted two to four across. By stacking two rows, up to eight monitors can be mounted in one configuration. Monitors can be attached to a desk or a wall. Internal cable management keeps the work surface neat and organized. Monitors, which can be positioned anywhere along the ArcView beam, can be tilted and pivoted individually, and the height can be adjusted using one-inch increments.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.

Innovative Office Products, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer that designs and builds an industry-leading product line of mounting solutions for computer monitors and keyboards. Founded in Easton, Pa., in 1986, the company produces innovative products and custom-designed solutions that serve the needs of such prominent customers as the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, Lockheed Martin and NASA. Among many design awards received by the company is a silver medal by Business Week magazine’s Best Product Designs Of The Year for 2002.

Evaluation arms are available for review; High-resolution photos are also available. Contact Gary Kimball at 610-559-7585 or gkimball@kimballcomm.com.