New LCD Mounting Arm Gives Dentists One More Reason to Smile

Posted on April 7, 2004 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. ( has introduced its third flexible LCD mounting arm especially designed for dental offices with digital radiography. The new 7601-14 arm surpasses previous models with a sleeker design and integrated cable management.

Dental offices mount flat screen monitors on the arms, which rotate 360 degrees at three swivel joints and extend up to 42 inches from its mounting point, with more than 28 inches of vertical range. Unlike previous models for dental offices, the 7601-14 enables the user to thread cables through it, keeping them out of view and harm’s way.

The flexible arm can be attached to a sidewall and extend out so patients can view X-rays or watch television during a procedure. Dentists and practice staff can quickly and easily reposition the monitor’s position and height with just one hand so patients can view it comfortably while sitting up or lying back during a procedure. The screen can be folded back against the wall when not in use.

“More and more dental practices are using our arms as a space-saving and ergonomic solution to digital radiography, making images accessible for both dentists and their patients,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office products. “The cable management feature and sleek design of the 7601-14 makes this arm perfectly suited for dental offices.”

The arm also features:

  • Intuitive user adjustment with no knobs to turn.
  • Sleek, durable aluminum and steel construction.
  • An optional keyboard tray, making data entry easy.
  • A wide degree of monitor tilt so the monitor can be turned from landscape to portrait viewing. 
  • The patented FLEXmount, with six different mounting options.

Innovative also designs and manufactures arms that can be custom mounted on dental chairs. Innovative has sold its flexible flat screen mounting arms in prominent health care settings, such as the Mayo Clinic, since 1990, as well as in other office and industrial settings. The key benefits of mounting flat screen monitors on flexible arms in health care settings are:

  • Space savings: Arms lift monitors off of desk and other surfaces, liberating the space for other uses, and are easily folded back to free up space when not in use.
  • Information sharing : Easily adjusting the monitor means that health care professionals can share information easily with each other and with patients.
  • Ergonomics : Each user can reposition the monitor easily, making its use less stressful and more ergonomically sound.
  • Improved surgical and diagnostic experience : Arms allow health care professionals to view data easily while performing a diagnostic test or surgical procedures.

Dental practices may find product information at, or by calling Innovative Office Products at 800 524-2744.

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