Portable Props for Your Laptop

Posted on June 11, 2007 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. (www.lcdarms.com), will introduce a new portable laptop stand—the Cricket™ Laptop Stand—at the Neocon World Trade Fair, June 11-13, Booth 7-4037. It is the first laptop stand that is both portable and fully adjustable.

Cricket™ elevates the screen for cool computing and comfortable viewing, allowing users to adjust screen height as desired, and also allowing air to circulate and heat to dissipate. The stand is adjustable to safely accommodate all screen sizes.

Cricket™ is extremely portable—it folds up to fit in a pocket or computer bag, making it an ideal computer accessory to take along anywhere a laptop travels. And it’s offered in innovative sustainable and reusable packaging, avoiding unnecessary consumer waste.

“Mobile knowledge workers spend long hours hunched over laptops in hotel rooms, airports and conference centers,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. “Now there is a way to carry the comfort of a full-size PC when you’re on the road.”

Cricket™ retails for $39.95 and will be available mid-summer 2007.

Features include:

  • Adjustable height – simply press button to adjust height of screen.
  • Enhances airflow –air circulates beneath and around computer, keeping it cool.
  • Extremely portable – easily fits in a pocket or computer bag.
  • Ergonomic computing – elevates screen to comfortable viewing height, enabling use of full-size keyboard for more efficient computing.
  • For tablet PCs – raises screen at angle for greater readability and more comfortable writing angle.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.

Cricket™ is designed and manufactured by Innovative Office Products, Inc. (www.LCDarms.com ), the leader in mounting solutions for computer monitors and keyboards. Previous Innovative designs have been honored with a 2006 red dot design award, and a 2002 silver medal by Business Week magazine's Best Product Designs Of The Year. Innovative is based in Easton, Pa.

Demonstration units will be available in mid-summer 2007. Contact: Gary Kimball – 610-559-7585 – gkimball@kimballcomm.com.