Apple Users - Liberate Your Desktop with a Flat Panel Arm

Posted on November 24, 2003 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Love your big new Cinema Display, but frustrated with losing desk space? Sore neck from working at the same angle day in and day out? Then meet the Flat Panel Arm, the computer user’s best friend. Innovative Office Products offers a line of flat panel arms which suspend the monitor over your work surface. Not only do you regain desk space, you also are able to easily adjust the monitor height and position.

Cinema Display users will especially love the CinemaLift, a flat panel arm which converts this great monitor into something resembling a giant iMac!

Do you use two monitors? Options are available to mount two monitors side by side. You’ll never want to work the ‘old’ way again.

Innovative flat panel arms are available at fine Apple resellers near you, or visit: