Innovative Arm Gives the Apple Cinema Display Monitor a Lift

Posted on June 25, 2003 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. (, a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors and keyboards, has designed a new arm that lifts the Apple Cinema Display Monitor off the desk and gives users greater flexibility and ergonomic benefits.

Compatible with both the Cinema Display and Studio Display models, the arm suspends the monitor above the desk surface and rotates 360 degrees at three swivel joints, allowing the user to quickly reposition the monitor with one hand. The arm is designed specially for the Apple product and complements the modern Apple style. It is available at Apple resellers.

“By allowing the user to adjust the monitor’s position and height at will, the arm enables Cinema Display and Studio Display users to quickly adapt their work areas to individual needs, thereby increasing comfort and productivity,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. “These ergonomic benefits are important to this monitor, since it is commonly used in creative applications that require long computing sessions.”

Other arm benefits include:

  • Space saving: The Arm liberates the desk surface, allowing the user to reclaim space previously filled by the monitor footprint, as well as unused space behind the monitor.
  • Monitor sharing: The pivoting capability of the arm allows monitor data to be shared between multiple users, ideal for graphic designers when meeting with clients.

Additional features of the arm are:

  • A monitor tilt of more than 200 degrees.
  • A 27-inch extension and folds in to 3 inches.
  • 18 inches of vertical movement.
  • Accommodates 20” and 23” Cinema Display and 17” Studio Display monitors.
  • Cables routed within the arm.
  • Includes the Flex Mount, which can be configured to mount the arm in nine different ways.
  • Standard models are finished in durable Powder Coated Slick Silver. Custom colors are available.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc .

Innovative Office Products, Inc. is an Easton, Pa. manufacturer that designs and builds an industry-leading product line of mounting solutions for computer monitors and keyboards. Founded in 1986, the company produces innovative products and custom-designed solutions that serve the needs of such prominent customers as the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, Lockheed Martin and NASA. Among many design awards received by the company is a silver medal by Business Week magazine’s Best Product Designs Of The Year for 2002.