7500-Wing Dual-Monitor Mount Debuts at 2008 NAB Show

Posted on April 1, 2008 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. (www.lcdarms.com), a pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors and keyboards, will introduce the 7500-Wing, a mounting arm that floats two flat panel monitors above a desk, at the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, April 14-17 in Las Vegas.

Along with the 7500-Wing, Innovative will exhibit the DuoPod LCD Mount, the new EVO™ series of LCD and Laptop/Tablet Arms, and the 7-Flex LCD Arm at Booth N4319 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
“We’re proud to exhibit a wide array of mounting solutions that meet the needs of broadcast professionals,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. “From single and dual displays to laptop and tablet PCs, we have solutions that provide ergonomic benefit, superior functionality and style.”

The 7500-Wing allows two monitors to float, side-by-side, above a desktop, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust monitor height and position, and also allowing movement of both monitors simultaneously. The 7500-Wing incorporates cable management, so cables can be threaded through the arm, keeping work space clean and organized. It features:

  • Flexmountä with six mounting options
  • Compatibility with all VESA standard monitors
  • 18 inches of vertical range
  • 28 inches of horizontal range
  • 360-degree rotation at three joints

The Duopod™ saves space by mounting two flat-panel monitors above a desktop, yet allows each monitor to move independently of each other.  The Duopod™ is convenient for one user with two monitors, or two users working opposite each other.  Each mounting arm can fold up to occupy just three inches of space.  It also features:

  • Flexmountä with six mounting options
  • Compatibility with all VESA standard monitors
  • 16 inches of vertical range
  • 360-degree rotation at three joints
  • Monitor tilter mechanisms that tilt over 200 degrees

The 7Flex® LCD Arm suspends your flat-panel monitor above your desk, freeing up valuable space and allowing you to adjust your monitor with one hand.  Other convenient 7Flex® features include:

  • Flexmountä with six mounting options
  • Compatibility with all VESA standard monitors
  • 24 inches of horizontal range
  • 16 inches of vertical range
  • A mount that folds up to occupy only three inches of space

The EVO™ LCD Mounting Arm rotates 360 degrees at three pivot points, extends 17.5 inches and has a vertical range of 10.5 inches. Arm strength is user-adjustable, allowing the user to float monitors from 6 to 13 pounds. EVO™ accommodates VESA-compliant monitors with a clever quick-install mechanism, which allows monitors to securely snap into position.
Monitors also may be quickly released by pressing a tab—a time-saving feature that is valuable for environments where it is critical to minimize workstation downtime. Other unique EVO™ features include:

  • A design that allows EVO™ to fold back upon itself, enabling the user to push the monitor back flush with the wall. This creates a multi-functional workspace, where the monitor can be moved out of the way when not needed.
  • A desk clamp mount with integrated handle to aid quick setup. The mount may be reconfigured for through desk bolting, providing greater installation flexibility.
  • Integrated cable management, clipping cables beneath the arm in order to reduce workspace clutter.

The EVO™ Tablet Arm is a product line extension of the EVO™ LCD mounting arm. The EVO™ Tablet Arm is a floating docking station for tablet PCs and notebooks, allowing the user to create an ergonomic computing station at his or her primary desk, without having to sacrifice the mobility of the computer. A gas spring arm “floats” the computer above the desk for comfortable viewing, with quick attach and release for work on the go. A full-size keyboard and mouse can be used to recapture the comfort of a desktop PC. Unique features of the EVO™ Tablet Arm include:

  • User-friendly design that securely grips both tablet PCs and notebooks without the use of Velcro or sticky tape.
  • Adjustable clasps that allow free access to jacks, CD drives and ports.
  • When used with tablet PCs, it enables one-hand use of the tablet.
  • Rotates to allow the tablet to be used in portrait or landscape position.
  • Adjustable strength allows the user to "dial in" the weight of his or her portable for optimal balancing.
  • Folds flat, freeing desk space when not in use.