Innovative Introduces the 7000 Flat Screen Arm in the U.K.

Posted on September 1, 2004 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

Innovative Office Products, Inc. (, a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors and keyboards, has introduced the Flat Panel Radial Arm Model 7000 in the United Kingdom. The arm lifts flat screen monitors off the desk and provides computer users with space savings, greater flexibility and ergonomic benefits.

The radial arm attaches to flat screen monitors and suspends them above work surfaces, allowing the user to adjust the screen easily with one hand. It rotates 360 degrees from three swivel joints and tilts more than 200 degrees. In addition, it can extend 24 inches from where it is mounted with 16 inches of vertical movement, and folds up into two inches of space.

“As flat screen monitors overtake bulky CRTs as the monitor of choice in office, health care, manufacturing and financial settings, our mounting arms are growing quickly in the United States as the best solution to save space and adapt work areas to individual needs,” said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. "We are excited to extend our distribution network to the U.K., where computer users will be able to realize these same benefits."

The arms feature an integrated cable routing system and the Flex Mount system, which allows the arms to be mounted in six different ways, including desk and wall mounts, and on desks with different edge types and sizes.

Additional Innovative arms will be available in the U.K., including dual monitor arms and extended reach arms. For Apple Cinema Display and Studio Display users, Innovative offers the CinemaLift and StudioLift arms, with special installation components and a custom finish that complements Apple products.

Key benefits of the 7000 arms are:

  • Space savings: Arms lift monitors off of desk and other surfaces, liberating valuable office space for other uses, and be easily folded back to free up space when not in use.
  • Information sharing : Easily adjusting the monitor means that users can share information easily with clients and co-workers.
  • Ergonomics : Each user can reposition the monitor easily for optimal viewing, making its use less stressful and more ergonomically sound.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.

Innovative Office Products, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer that designs and builds an industry-leading product line of mounting solutions for computer monitors and keyboards. Founded in an Easton, Pa., in 1986, the company produces innovative products and custom-designed solutions that serve the needs of such prominent customers as the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, Lockheed Martin and NASA. Among many design awards received by the company is a silver medal by Business Week magazine’s Best Product Designs Of The Year for 2002.

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