5 Reasons Why LCD Arms Are a Wise Investment

Posted on October 6, 2003 by Innovative Office Products, LLC

1. LCD arms make better use of your desk space

LCD monitors are attractive to most users primarily due to their thin profile. However, when CRT’s are replaced with LCD’s, there is typically minimal space savings, even though the LCD occupies much less space.

Why? The ideal viewing distance for a monitor is 18” to 24” from the user. An LCD which sits on the desktop is typically positioned so that the LCD screen is the same distance from the user as that of the CRT. The ‘space savings’ are behind the monitor. Desk space which was formerly occupied by the CRT is now left unused behind the LCD. Thus, an LCD monitor mounted on a static base provides essentially no space savings over a CRT.

However, combining a LCD monitor with a movable LCD arm unlocks the value of your investment. An LCD arm is a flexible mounting device for the LCD monitor. An LCD arm allows the monitor to be suspended over the desktop, freeing your desk space for productive use. With the LCD arm in place, you will discover a dramatic gain in workspace when compared with the use of a CRT monitor.

2. LCD arms are ergonomic

Have you ever suffered from the dreaded ‘crick-in-neck’ from spending long hours day after day viewing a monitor in exactly the same position?  That problem is quickly solved with flexible LCD arms, which allow you to easily reposition the monitor, and allow for continual adjustment throughout the workday. You are no longer locked into one permanent viewing position. Awkward viewing angles quickly become a thing of the past, since you can reposition the monitor each time you feel the need.

At desks shared by multiple users, monitor arms are particularly useful, because each user is able to customize the monitor position according to his/her specific needs. The same monitor can be used from a sitting or standing position, and can easily accommodate users of different heights.

3. LCD arms are adaptable

Monitor arms make it easy to quickly reposition a monitor, changing from sitting to standing usage, or even swinging one monitor between two desks. Equipped with an arm, one monitor is able to serve multiple purposes, thereby increasing the return on the technology investment.

4. LCD arms allow more employees per work area

A company’s productivity per square foot rises as either a) more employees are fit in a constant space, or b) the company is able to fit a constant number of employees in a smaller space. Because monitor arms increase the amount of desk space available to the employee, narrower desks can be used. In workplaces with multiple rows of desks, the space savings can translate into an additional row fitting in the workplace. The result: more employees in the space, resulting in a dramatic increase in productivity per square foot. Alternately, a company may keep the same number of employees, yet save money by renting a smaller workplace.

5. Ergonomic workspaces save money

Numerous scientific studies have shown that an ergonomic environment translates into higher employee productivity, both through greater time spent at the desk, and fewer missed days. In today’s computer-intensive environment, an ergonomic monitor setup is critical to achieving these benefits. Employees comfortable in the workplace reward the employer with higher productivity. Higher productivity, of course, translates into lower costs and greater profit.

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